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The Nipigon Fire Department


The Fire Department

The Nipigon Fire Department was formed in 1949 to provide protection to the approximately 2.000 inhabitants of Nipigon with about 700 residential and 25 commercial structures in the town.
They also provide protection to a plywood manufacturing plant within the town and, under contract, to 3 hydro electric plants that are situated up to 35 klms away.
Additional to the fire protection, they provide auto extrication on both major highways that run across Canada responding 50 klms east and 50 klms west on highway 17 and 60 klms north on highway 11 and all secondary roads within that area.
The Fire Department consists of a Fire Chief (my friend Roy Cross), a Deputy Chief, 4 Captains and up to 24 Fire Fighters.

Former Fire Chief Roy Cross:

(Passed 2011-09-24)

The firefighters with their equipment:

A part of the firefighters with their trucks in front of the fire hall:
(Click on the picture to see an enlarged view)

The Fire Fighters meet every Wednesday night at the Fire Hall where they do in house training in all aspects of Fire Fighting.
Their major goals are Public Education and Fire Prevention programs. This keeps the people informed of the dangers of fire. Therefore they also visit the schools to teach the students Fire Prevention and Home Safety.

Fire Prevention Week 2003: