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The Canadian National Anthem

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The Township of Nipigon

(The following text is partially captured from the website of the Township of Nipigon, hoping that the webmaster of that page would allow me this theft. You can find the link to the page of Nipigon at the "Links" -section.)

The community of Nipigon is "Nestled in Nature".  Located in the heart of the Canadian Shield on the northern most point of Lake Superior. Nipigon is situated on the shore of the great Nipigon River that flows from Lake Nipigon to Lake Superior.
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Nipigon is the oldest community on the north shore of Lake Superior with a history dating back to the early days of the fur trade in the mid 1600's. The area was inhabited by native people since the glaciers receded around 8000 B.C. Native Pictographs on the cliffs along Nipigon Bay are evidence of some early inhabitants.
The importance of the fur trade diminished during the 1880's and Red Rock House, a Hudson Bay Post located near the present-day marina, was converted into an outfitting station for anglers because Nipigon had become famous as a sport fishery. The world record brook trout was taken in 1916 from the Nipigon River, a record which still stands.
Both the Canadian National (CN) and the Canadian Pacific (CP) run through Nipigon and cross lines at the Nipigon River Bridge, completed in 1885 by Canadian Pacific. The CP runs directly through the business core, and the CN parallels the river.
The railroad brought more permanent residents, visitors, and goods to Nipigon. Businesses started popping up along Front Street. Grocery, clothing and trading posts, and hotels opened their doors all along the street. The economy grew and prospered with the sport fisheries for tourists, commercial fisheries, and mines for marble, sandstone, and gravel. The town site grew and the Township of Nipigon was incorporated in 1908.
Around the turn of the century, the logging industry boomed. The Nipigon River waterway from Lake Nipigon to Lake Superior was a major transportation route for logs from 1923 until the last river drive in 1972. Nipigon also supported a sawmill that produced railway ties, and the Lake Sulphite Pulp and Paper Company.
The power of the Nipigon River was harnessed to generate electricity. Three hydroelectric generating stations are located along the river. The Cameron Falls Generating Station was the first to produce power in 1920, followed by Alexander Dam in 1930, and Pine Portage in 1950.
Situated directly between Lake Superior and Lake Nipigon, the first and tenth largest fresh water lakes in the world, at the northern most point of Lake Superior, and on the shore of the world famous Nipigon River. Nipigon is also at the intersection of Canada's two main highways, making it truly the Crossroads of Canada. All vehicles crossing Canada must cross the bridge over the world famous Nipigon River. The annual traffic of 4 million makes the Town of Nipigon the community with the highest profile of all of the north shore communities and positions the town very well for future prosperity.

Nipigon Crater

Did You know that there is a crater on mars, called "Nipigon Crater"? It is really named after this town. Unfortunately I don't have more informations about how and why that happened. .
Here is an original picture of this crater on the surface of mars. It has a diameter of ca. 9 klms:
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