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A real realistic practice

These are pictures of a realistic practice of the Nipigon Fire Department. It was a single storey house with a basement. The Chief of the Nipigon Fire Department had made a deal with the owner that if he let them use the house for practices that they would burn it down for him.
In Germany are too much laws and regulations to protect the environment from smoke and other things, which doesn't allow the German firemen to do such a practice.
It took them about 3 hours to do the burn and then they put water on it to stop the fire and as the Chief guessed they had to go back there the next morning and soak the place down again.
You can see, that there are huge pine trees very close to the structure so it was a good test of the compressed-air foam to see if they covered the tree with that foam it would stop the tree from catching on fire and it worked very well. The flames and heat at one point was directly aimed on the tree branches but they didn't burn.
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