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The trucks of the Nipigon Fire Department


There are 4 trucks at the Nipigon Fire Department. Let me explain them with a short description:

2007 Sterling Class A Pumper

The council acceptet the lowest tender for the new fire truck. So all the hours the guys spent doing up the tender has paid off. They should have a new fire truck in the hall by this August at the latest. It sure is going to be a nice truck. That truck is is going to be beautiful. It should be the nicest one in all of this area. It is loaded up with all the latest fire gadgets. It will have a CAFS system on it that runs off the PTO (transmission) that will deliver a constant flow of foam as much as will ever is needed. This truck will have a rotary pump to deliver the foam unlike the rescue truck that uses a air compressor so that will make a big difference. It holds 1000 imp. gals of water plus a foam tank. It will have lots of power also with a 330 horse diesel engine. The guys will like driving it because they will have an air-seat,remote controlled heated mirrors. a am-fm,cd player for the long highway calls so they can listen to music while on their way, air conditioning for the hot summer days and fancy chrome rims to show off with.
And Chief Cross is pretty excited about it. He did all he could do as a fire chief. Not too may chiefs get to be in power when the department gets a new truck. It took a lot of letters to the council to convince them to buy a new truck because of the costs. The new truck will be just over $300,000.00 with taxes.
Finally the truck has been delivered to the dept in October 2006 as a replacement for the over 30 years old 1974 International Class A Pumper.
And here are the pictures at the day of the final inspection:
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And here are some pictures of the new truck under construction:
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Equipment Van

The "Equipment Van" is also used as the command vehicle. It carries all the extra-equipment like:
- Ventilation Fan
- Generator
- Hail Pump
- Wajax Pump
- Power Saw
- Personal Protection Gear
(Click on a picture to see an enlarged view)

2001 Ford F550 Rescue Truck

This truck is a "2001 Ford F550 Rescue Truck". It carries the equipment for auto extrication and it has CAFS with 310 gals of water and 10 gals of foam additive.
The compartment holding auto extrication equipment:
Control panel for the CAFS system:
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1987 Ford F750 Class A Pumper

Now the last truck: A "1987 Ford F750 Class A Pumper". It has 1000 gals of water, 850 CFM pump, SCBA's and all hoses needed.
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Out of Order:

1974 International Class A Pumper

This is a "1974 International Class A Pumper" It has been the oldest truck of the Nipigon Fire Department. It holds 500 imp gals of water.
Replaced in October 2006 with the Sterling Class A Pumper.
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